30 Poems, 30 Days: NaPoWriMo Has Begun

a challenge, could I manage
to find words in my mind?

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Calling all poets! April is National Poetry Writing Month — NaPoWriMo for short. Modeled after National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), NaPoWriMo is an annual project encouraging poets to write one poem each day in April.


We love discovering poetry in the Reader and are proud of the poets who call WordPress.com their online home, like Pushcart-nominated poet Kellie Elmore. If you’re an established or aspiring poet, or want to dabble in free verse, lyric essays, and more experimental prose, we encourage you to participate this month.

A poem a day

First time participating in a post-a-day project like this? We asked poet and publisher Maureen Thorson, the founder of this project, for advice:

Be open to the possibilities. The point isn’t to turn out a fully formed sonnet each day — although if anyone wants to try, I’m not going to discourage them! The point is to just…

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Bloomin’ huge

Giant flower at Bellagio

Bloomin’ huge

This picture makes me smile.
The flowers are so huge and the setting so wonderfully bizarre, you immediately feel like a child again. It’s hard to believe that it’s part of a hotel foyer. Except that it’s the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. And when you are in Vegas, it dawns on you that not only is almost anything possible, it’s also very probable. And not only that, there’s no real reason for anything to be the way it is, only that someone wanted it that way. A complete recreation of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, complete with canals and gondolas – well why not? Paris, New York, a lion enclosure in your hotel or an underwater theme? What’s not to love about any of that! Plus – and this is a huge plus – it’s all air conditioned. You just never know what you’ll actually see when you step in from the oven-like Vegas heat, your eyes strain a little to adjust, but then your head has to mind-bend to take in all before you.
I went looking for the photos following another trip: to Liverpool, where there’s lots of Beatles memories, tours and culture. I started humming ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and then thought, I’ve had that feeling and I’ve got the photos…

That rainy day is here…

That rainy day is here...

Personal finance

See those coins are two and three deep. That’s what comes from being a saver. All copper, I’ve checked. Yes, especially since I saw the one that’s glinting in the light… nothing bigger than a 5c coin here though. Now that I’ve emptied the piggy-bank, I suspect I’ve amassed enough to buy oh, at least a cup of coffee, with possibly a pastry thrown in, if I choose wisely and go somewhere with a special offer on. It’s the little things…