Present and correct. Not sure about that one ever. But present, trying to be more present. Trying to put down the screens and be more mindful, thoughtful.

Of course, we have all been shocked by the shooting dead of 17 in a school last Wednesday. It all unfolded on my friend’s reporting territory in Florida and she was on CNN live this afternoon with more details of the situation.

But wow, how impressive are these young people, speaking out, protesting, organizing. I feel that there will be change because of them. I know I will march again. But they are going to walk out of school and stay out until there is a change in gun-law. I think all the young people might be out of school for a while, but good for them.

No one can silence them, no one can deny their pain and feelings. I’m impressed at how they are transforming their feelings into action, saying Never Again.


Just In Time

I haven’t written in the blog for a few days – five days now. I started a blog post on my phone because I didn’t want to let forty-eight hours go by without posting, but then it wasn’t there later on Monday – so frustrating. All to do with logging into all the apps again after getting the new phone, but then trying to do a restore to get old phone and text messages and then, having to log into all the apps for a second time but losing the blogpost in-between. There really wasn’t time then to re-write and I had forgotten what was in it, so I let it go.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by in a flurry of the things we do when we call ourselves busy but can’t really bring back to mind when someone asks us what it is we do?

Anyway, because I read plenty of things all over the internet, I got a reminder in the form of another blogpost about scheduling for success, keeping going, tying the act of writing the blog to something else so that’s it’s an instinctive thing to do every day. It rang true. There was no reason why I did or didn’t write, only that it had become the thing to do, so I did it and not wanting to lose that, I’m here again. I know this is going to be a recurring theme. And that’s okay too!

Getting social

I’ve been doing some social media for a client: facebook, twitter and instagram – great, positive stories but it is amazing on a meta level how people do connect to a positive moment in their social streams.

This is fun stuff, great to be paid for doing it. Right now, there are a lot of lovely Valentine’s posts that people sent in for us to share. It’s amazingly diverse. I can choose between straight and gay couples, white, black, latino/a and combinations of them all and repost out to the world.

Just knowing that people can see themselves out there is a positive but what makes people click and connect more so is the story. One mom posted simply that that was her son in the picture – she was proud of him. Love that!

Another woman told her friend that she looked great in the picture and her friend hadn’t know that her husband had sent in the picture, so surprise all round! More clicks as people recognize themselves, the story of surprise and delight!

with another couple there were two pictures and I combined them into one, which worked so well. The top shows two youngsters: she has a very 1980s hair-do and a corsage on her wrist, he’s in a tuxedo – probably their High School Prom. Underneath, I put the second picture, which is of both of them now. You can see the changes time has wrought, but they both look happy, smiling out to us in the world. His message says he knew from the moment he first saw her. The love is there for all to see. And so we click to affirm it and pass it on.

A spoonful of sugar

Vitamins and supplements have just been discredited by the medical establishment as doing no good whatsoever. You wouldn’t know it from the commercial breaks on television. Not only is there plenty of vitamin advertising going on, but there is a concerted effort to get me to buy vitamin gummies. Yes, vitamins as candy. I suppose you won’t forget to take your pills, there’s no struggle to swallow them and you get a little treat for yourself once a day. This is what middle age is – it’s a zumba class instead of actual clubbing and it’s vitamin gummies instead of candy!


Tough cases

Upgraded my phone and although the new one fits in the old case, I thought I’d look for a new phone case, something fun. Well, I haven’t gotten very far but I can report that the major selling point on all the cellphone cases now is that they are military-grade or military-tested. So the military is very busy at the moment!

Just sayin’

Firstly, you know that “Just Sayin'” at the start of any post on social media is an excuse for someone to let rip on so-called wimpy, snowflake, entitlement behavior and also usually involves the phrase “in my day”.

But I’m using it here to point out that people here are actually saying things differently than I’m used to. There’s a southern Californian emphasis, and maybe it goes beyond here, but an example is in the news right now. The LA Times was just sold along with the San Diego Tribune and I would say ‘tri-bune’ with equal emphasis on each syllable, but in numerous news broadcasts I’ve heard the word ‘tribune’ with the emphasis on the second syllable, which I find hard to say like that, and even hearing it is confusing to me. I’ve heard this pronunciation with the word ‘permit’ too.

Also, can I ask: Whatever happened to normality? Things used to be normal and then if they went haywire, you would hope for a return to normality. Now it’s normalcy and I really don’t know where that came from, never heard it before coming to the US. And right now, nothing is normal, but people keep hoping to get back to normalcy – which is not normal to me!

It’s the future calling…

Hey I upgraded my phone, so I can post while I’m on the go. I could have done that before, but the battery was shot (banjaxed). And I’m not on the go at all, I’m slouched on the couch, but just want to try a phone post.

The upgrade went pretty smoothly, mostly taking place in the Apple Store, which, let me tell you, is the only place in the mall really doing business. I walked past clothes shops: Loft and Gap and other boutiques, as well as cosmetic stores: Sephora and Kiehls just to get into Apple for my new battery.

I had decided, though, that it was time to upgrade. I had a talk with myself heading over there that, you know, the future is now, all change is scary, even a phone upgrade! Maybe especially so. There’s the moment in there, when you sign to erase the old phone – I was trading it in (hey, $115). So you press to erase your past phone self and walk out with your shiny, new phone self in a box.

Happy to report that the back up worked, so I am entirely myself – backup brought back up and reinstalled into the new communications vehicle.

The future both awaits and is right here at my fingertips!