Companions: here and there

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Companionable.”

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. I’m not sure what I thought I’d really do with a blog to begin with, but I suppose I thought I’d just write a great many posts and see what I had. There was a hint of The Cranberries about it. The group’s first album was called: “Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t I?” – or something very like that and I’m not going to check the title online right now, when I’m trying to focus on the writing here. The title alone is a call to action and it seems just as good a reason as any to strike out. Everybody seemed to have a blog a while ago, and so I thought I should too. The timing seemed auspicious in that I was off to live in sunny California. But I have yet to decide if that makes any part of me more or less interesting in general. I will always be a person who was born in Dublin, Ireland no matter where I go in this world. But I don’t live there now and two years into California, I’m sure there are a heap of day-to-day rituals and circumstances that I’m forgetting about Dublin. As I live away now, there must be things that have changed about my hometown in ways I don’t even know about. There’s some letting go of smaller connections to keep a fire burning for family and friends over there. Equally, there is an immersion into things here, American customs and pronunciations, differences that I noticed when I first landed, that I probably take for granted now: ice in drinks and cheap gas are what come to mind right now.

So is a life in any way interesting because it’s intrinsically different to yours or because it’s similar. To what extent are we all the same? To what extent do we face the same struggles and obstacles to expression? Send us some rain for our drought and I’ll send back some sunshine,

Your SoCal companion.

P.S. I’m following the blog prompts from WordPress for the month of November to try and write a post a day (or so). So although the instruction was to gain inspiration from another blogger, this is what happened instead…


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