Shop front



Love this shop front, sadly the store itself is no longer in business. All the names of domestic gadgets and machines seem to hold a promise of happiness and prosperity. But repairing the electronics no longer earns anyone a living, is that the progress of our era?


Against the grain


Seasonal fruits and vegetables, working with what you’ve got – these are simple concepts we can all get behind. So here’s a photo from Santa Monica this morning, sun blazing down, about 10am and already about 75 degrees and here’s a case of: ‘If you want it… ‘ or maybe ‘Build it and they’ll come’. Yes, it’s an ice-rink! I’d hate to see their power bill. I saw this before I got my coffee, so while the ‘seasonality’ of it did register, I just thought only in California…

Argh already!


A red cup, I thought – innocently enough, but a closer look revealed the decorations and it’s only November 2nd!