Ok so the heading was an attempt to make a loud yuk sound, as here’s a photo of what was in the sink this morning. A cockroach, now deceased. (Closer inspection revealed this to be a huge moth. Still yuk, but not quite so horrifying.) That’s one downside of living here, although it’s the first one I’ve seen up close since moving over. Hopefully, the last one too. I see my previous post was about YumYums, clearly our visitor was as enamored of their produce as I was – maybe he came in for some crumbs. Furious cleaning has ensued, there won’t be any relatives coming in for the funeral!
I’m keeping the picture small to spare you the full horrors!


Don’t know where you came from, but you’re dead now!


One Reply to “Ee-uw!”

  1. The more you learn about them the less you’ll dread them and the more fascinating they will be. SoCal is a vortex of interesting invertebrate fauna. A local guide book could be eye opening. I have the guide to Irish indoor insects…it could be a chapter…in its entirety…within a guide for SoCal.

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