Dine-in Movie

Some tea with my film.jpg

Well here in the US of A, every venue competes for your stomach’s vote and now, yes, even the movies are doing the same. The AMC in the Marina was our local, local cinema – six screens, perfect for that last minute dash to a film about to depart the big screen and it managed fine with offering popcorn, sweets and even tea and coffee for me.
Now, although the AMC is still our local cinema, it’s been completely renovated. It’s plush. The seats are huge. They are actually like LAZ-E-BOYS with reclining backs and raised footrests. Even after you’ve laid back, there’s still room for the wait-staff to walk by. Yes, wait-staff. Because there are little tables, menus and a full bar.
This would require me to think about the film’s subject matter before ordering up some food, there could very well be some incongruous moments. I don’t go to horror films, but would the impact of some blood-curdling moment be lessened as you sunk your teeth into the chicken enchilada?
And could the presence of hot tea in a real cup have influenced my own review of ‘Don Jon’?
Another consideration is how is this all working for the cinema? There are only about one third of the seats in the cinema, more staff taking hushed food orders and hoping for tips and, on the night we were there, some sniggering as the reclining chairs ‘farted’ into various reclining positions.
The food is not cheap, but the fact that it’s there adds to a date-night movie experience.
On the whole, I feel I’ll have to go again before I pass any judgement. Or, uh-oh, get a LAZ-E-BOY chair at home! I might never leave.


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