View from the Observatory


Went to Griffith Park Observatory on Saturday. Griffith Park is a landmark in L.A.. The Park is nestled in between downtown and the Hollywood Hills, with views of the famous sign from around the Observatory.
Griffith Park Observatory has starred in many films including: ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, hence the James Dean statue outside. The Observatory is perched above a huge city park, which houses the LA Zoo, the Gene Autry Museum and horse and hiker trails throughout the park. (It’s the Phoenix Park of Los Angeles!)
Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go there… Inside are some great displays of space images and a 40 foot swinging pendulum just to prove the earth is round!
We went to one of the shows in the screening room, which makes you feel like you’re out in the open on a clear, starry night and then transports you to feel like you’re under a giant telescope. Now we can see out to what we think is the edge of the Universe, but there could be much, much more. During the show and the exhibits, we are reminded that a great number of conditions had to be met in order for us humans, to be here on this earth. And we are all actually stardust from after the Big Bang. It’s quite an awe-inspiring concept.




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