Dithering at the DMV

I will have to do a driving test in California, so I went to the DMV. I’m trying here. But the Department of Motor Vehicles is trying me instead. There was a massive queue, or a very long line as they would say here. I counted 50 people waiting outside – in the baking sunshine – just to get inside the building. The woman at the top of the line said she’d waited an hour, just to get to the door – and the DMV had just closed it over – no explanation.
I would like to put on record that I’d be complaining if I had to wait outside in the rain in Dublin, that would definitely make me grumpy. But the heat of the sun makes me dithery instead. So while I dithered in the car – with the air-conditioning on – the door opened again and half the people got inside, but more and more people were arriving, so I made the decision that it was too long to wait anyway and I drove away, very carefully – I thought it best not to make any driving errors in the DMV car park!
All this was to try and beat the system: I have an appointment, but not for another 2 weeks. Whenever I pass the driving test, it’ll then take another 4 weeks to get the actual license, which is really used a lot here as a form of ID, when you swipe a credit card, or for bookings. So everyone wants to know if I have the license yet, but it’s a case of: “If at first you don’t succeed, drive, drive, again”.


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