Top 10 SoCal things I’ve learned so far

Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned since starting to live in LA:

1) There is such a thing as 100% lactose-free milk. I was surprised, I thought the lactose made milk, well.. milk but what do I know?

2) Botox is now being marketed as a cure for migraines. Is this the medicalisation of a cosmetic procedure? Jury is out on that one.

3) The SoCal world is full of first-world problems: need another layer in your dishwasher, well now there is one!

4) Similarly with internet/cable: is a recording limit of 4 shows too few for your home to function? We can help with that one…

5) There are a lot of commercial breaks – times 3 what I’ve been used to and it really does ruin a good tv show.

6) Ditto with the news. Not only that, but the news shows trail and tease with a story you want to see, endlessly dangling it in front of you over and over and eventually showing it only after all the sports (about 40 minutes in – argh!). So yes, the real question is why am I still watching?

7) They tease with the weather as well.  That’s really not fair. Weather’s a serious business, a life-line in small talk. It goes to show that there’s just not enough of it here in SoCal at all. It hasn’t rained a drop in the entire month I’ve been here.

8) Things can be awesome. People actually use that word to describe themselves, their car, their lives. It can be contagious, I mean that I’ve moved from the total Irish begrudgery of ‘who do they think they are’ to a more accepting ‘good for them’.

9) Winning is big. People want to know a winner. They want to yell Hurrah when the Dodgers are winning. When the team aren’t winning they really only want to know when they can be on top again.

10) But wait there’s more… if you order now….There’s always more to the deal, just wait and see. More lists and thoughts to follow.



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