Heat and tea

I’m here. In LA. It is both hot and sunny. Beautiful by the beach. Too hot in the car. Yes I know there’s air conditioning, but still it’s hot. I’m slick with SPF – in as high as number as I can get, slathered over the freckles.
Even in the heat, I can’t drink cold tea or coffee. I’d prefer to sit in a cool place and drink Americanos or Breakfast Tea, with milk – like I’m used to. I’m careful now to ask what they have and then choose what I want. So in that respect: Yes, I’m getting used to living here. You can get anything you want, you really, really can, but you have to ask for it. And you only have to ask for it. If you just say ‘Tea’ well, you leave yourself open to a little packed mango-infused green teabag landing by your cup. But if you mention what you’d really like, well, someone is usually only too delighted to help out.


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