Drive time

So I’ve now been in L.A. for a few weeks and I’ve noticed my driving getting steadily more aggressive. Really all the lanes seemed very close at the start. And cars edge out from nowhere all the time. California allows a right-turn on a red light at most junctions and helpful though that is, I’ve found myself getting annoyed at drivers pushing their luck with it in heavy traffic. But this definitely falls into the category of a first-world problem, I know.

Now I have a few places I drive to regularly and so I hit the road and enjoy it.When I first drove the Mustang convertible, I couldn’t get over the noise of the engine itself. Now I rev up and go. I was cruising at the speed limit of 55mph the other day, with the top down and the radio on, loving the simple fact that I can do this. And I’m still amazed by the turn away from LAX to face the sea, that first glimpse of the ocean. I get a little wow that this is my life now and I hope I always get that lift from seeing the sea at that turn, that I don’t ever take it for granted.


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