Going up

Solution to a first world problem: separate escalator for your shopping trolley!



LA landing



And here’s the same stuff at the other end. In between was lots of paperwork and almost a doubling of fees. But having unpacked it all, it feels like having my things makes the whole life changing aspect of this move more real. I get to drink my tea from mugs that have been with me in several apartments in about three different cities. And I have boots now, but I’m holding back on wearing them until the temperature drops below 65•F.

Shipping out

Here’s what was packed up a week before I moved myself over to L.A. Not too much, but the sort of stuff you can’t really carry with you, no matter how generous the luggage allowance.



Classic cars

It seemed to be classic car day today in the neighborhood. Here’s two I spotted while out at lunch. The yellow one is a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 and the other is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird.



Singing along

Hey I just heard Imelda May singing ‘Mayhem’ as part of the soundtrack to my dinner in Chili’s.
A couple of weeks ago, I heard Villagers ‘Nothing Arrived’, while I was in a changing room in an Eddie Bauer Outlet Store!
And in between, probably one U2 song along the way. That’s the new reality for me.

Although we’re always being told The Script are huge in L.A., I’ve yet to hear any of their songs on the radio! I’ll keep you posted.


This is the newsstand in Los Feliz neighborhood and there are others like it around the city and, probably, the whole country. I’ve seen stands like this in New York and Europe but not so much in Ireland, maybe because of the weather, maybe because we’re all guilty of trying to get a free read along the shelves? I still like to see racks of books and magazines even though plenty of people carry the equivalent of a newsstand around with them on their mobile device. I think we still read, we just do it differently. Unfortunately, how we read will probably affect the neighborhood newsstands, so we better enjoy them while we can.